About Us

we actually met on a previous job in which (Mara) gave her(Kalisha) a compliment
on her hair and she gave me one on my make up and the rest was history (literally). We've been inseparable every since! People who don't know us think we've been best friends since diapers. We wouldn't say we've been through a lot (not in a bad way) but we experienced a bad car accident together which in turn put a lot into perspective for us. As if it was even possible, it brought us closer. With that tragic situation God turned our lives around in the best way. That made us get on the ground running with our business. We put together a business plan, a plan of attack, and a budget and made it happen in what it seems like over night! With both of our strategic fashion backgrounds and schooling for fashion design we knew we were brought together for a reason! That reason was to develop a fashion power house & globally known brand, and also to use our platform and success to help others! We say all the time we're blessed to have friends like one another and also business partners! Who else would you rather start something so epic with  than your BFF? Needless to say who else understands you better, of course we've had some critics say this could hurt our friendship but none the less it made it stronger! We're not in it by ourselves, we have one another. That alone is such an amazing feeling. Our goal is to inspire as many millennials as we can and to help them through their entrepreneurial hardships! The road is never easy; Dream big, grind  even harder!